Paul Kelly – Stories of Me

In Their Footsteps 2011

A Landmark series following young Australians to war zones where their forebears ventured and died. Tony Boyd was an air ace, flying sorties over Malta in 1942. Simon travelled with his grand niece Megan, to Malta and England, and recorded her pilgrimage in the skies, in the iconic aircraft.
The Tiger Moth and the Spitfire.
Produced by Shine Australia for the Nine Network.

Vietnam Symphony

While US bombs rained down on Hanoi during the Vietnam War, the musicians of the Hanoi Conservatorium were evacuated to a small town in the countryside. There they continued to study in underground bunkers.
This film, directed by Tom Zybrycki, tells the story. We returned with the now famous performers, to visit the village and its simple, dignified peasant community.
Winner ACS Highly Commended Award

Are You My Mother

Anna”Princess” was born in a country region of the Phillipines. Adopted by a Brisbane couple when she was just 18 months old, she has felt a longing all her life to meet her birth mother, and to visit the place of her birth. In this documentary, directed by Ili Bare, we travel with her. But meeting her family raises more questions than it answers.
An examination of the nature of family, and motherhood.

Synchronized Swimming

Directed by Mark Lewis for PBS US, this quirky film follows 2 teams of synchro swimmers. The driven, glamorous Santa Clara Aquamaids, and the down-home St Paul Stars have totally different approaches to their sport, and to the question of “What is success in Life?”
Winner ACS Silver Award

In the Company of Actors

We follow a group of actors from the Sydney Theatre Company, as they take their adaptation of the Norwegian classic “Hedda Gabler” to a New York audience. A rare chance to watch the likes of Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving, as they prepare for their roles. And a chance to watch the work that goes in backstage, to creating a successful stage production.
Winner ACS Gold Award

Dope, the battle for the soul of sport

Surviving Shepherd’s Pie